Couple photography in London and Oxford.


Couple and engagement photoshoot in London and Oxford.

Natural couple photoshoots (sometimes called love photography sessions or engagement photoshoots) in London and Oxford are not just the best way to record the strong love you feel for your partner, they are also a very fun experience that almost everyone enjoys. In brief, Leyre Canizares is a specialized couple photographer in London with extensive experience in natural engagement photography. In fact, she has completed more than fifty romantic couple photoshoots around the world, including Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Boston and Miami.


My photo shoots, characterized by their spontaneity and genuine emotion, intend to capture your connection as a couple, immortalizing conspirational laughters and romantic glances.

These prices are for photoshoots in Oxford city. If you prefer to do your photoshoot in London, you have to add £25 due to the trains.

Package 1

  • 40 high-resolution edited photographs
  • 60 minutes
  • One location or short tour

Package 2

  • 80 high-resolution edited photographs
  • 90 minutes
  • 1/2 locations or long tour
  • Online Gallery

Package 1

  • 120 high-resolution edited photographs
  • 120 minutes
  • Two or three locations
  • Online Gallery
  • 20% off on a future photoshoot

Common questions

It’s completely normal to feel intimidated. Many couples have told me before a photoshoot that it will be impossible for them to be natural in front of the camera. However, my work is to create a suitable atmosphere for spontaneity to emerge. After the first stressful minutes, couples leave behind the initial stiffness and focus on each other, sometimes almost forgetting I’m still there taking pictures. I would really like to encourage camera-shy couples to try a photo-shoot – it’s, by far, not that bad!

There are many options here! The photo-shoot can take place be in a special location for both or you, the beautiful streets in the city centre, the countryside or a park – and even at your own home.

In some packages the Online Gallery is included. This is a very useful way to view all the pictures of a photo shoot, which also allows to easily share them with friends and family or trough social media. There’s also an option to make the gallery private (password-protected). You can see an example here.