After wedding photography in Oxford & London (also called fearless bridal) .


Post wedding photography London and Oxford.

After-wedding photography session, 'fearless bridal' or 'trash the dress' in Oxford and London.

Day after wedding photoshoots in London will allow you to take original portraits wearing your wedding attire. This photography sessions, sometimes called fearless bridal or trash the dress, will surely be a fun and exciting experience. However, note that altough the most common name is 'trash the dress', it is not necessary to actually trash the dress. In fact, most couples decide not to make any damage to their attaire and still get some wonderful trash the dress photoshoot results. Book your after-wedding with Leyre Canizares, a professional photographer with extensive experience in wedding photography.

Post Wedding Shoot

This photo shoot combines the illusion and love of the wedding day, symbolized by the wedding dress and suit, with the flexibility to explore different locations and ideas. This also a great opportunity to do a complete photography session of the just married couple, because the wedding day usually goes too fast and is spent in company of all the guests and there is typically not enough time to shoot this kind of images.

These prices are for photoshoots in Oxford city. If you prefer to do your photoshoot in London, you have to add £25 due to the trains.

Package 1

  • 50 high-resolution edited photographs
  • 60 minutes
  • One location or short tour
  • Online Galery

Package 2

  • 100 high-resolution edited photographs
  • 120 minutes
  • One or two locations or long tour
  • Online Galery

Common questions

Some just married couples decide to go one step further and do a photoshoot which involves ‘trashing’ the dress. However, this is absolutely not required.

The fearless bridal photo shoot is done a different day from the wedding. It could be a couple of days later or months after the wedding – it is completely up to you!

One of the best things about this photo sessions is that it allows the possibility to explore countless locations — maybe the beach, the countryside, the centre of the city, or a very special location for you both.

In some packages the Online Gallery is included. This is a very useful way to view all the pictures of a photo shoot, which also allows to easily share them with friends and family or trough social media. There’s also an option to make the gallery private (password-protected). You can see an example here.